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Durability Programs

Expose your vehicle to different terrain and weather conditions

Light-duty or heavy-duty?

Select your option

Light-Duty Durability Mileage Accumulation - We test passenger cars, light to heavy duty trucks, and motorcycles using both public roads and automotive proving grounds. We are also ready to conduct your mileage accumulation test program, whether for ten or ten million miles.

Regulatory Requirements
Our durability testing meets regulatory requirements for both engineering analysis and warranty issues.

Customized Data Logging
Log your on-road mileage with either your data logger or ATDS custom solutions

Hot Weather Testing

Road Map and Planning
We are able to create a road map for your vehicle certification and durability

Experienced Tier-II Drivers
Vehicles are driven by ATDS Tier-II drivers with over 7 years of driving experience

  • BUDGET OPTIMIZATION - Durability programs have many hidden costs — Driver recruitment, training, scheduling and daily management add cost to your programs and require specific experience in each location. By choosing ATDS, you only pay for what you need — without long term fixed costs, capital investments or additional personnel.
  • FLEXIBILITY AND LOCATION - We believe in going where you need us the most. ATDS routinely operates in locations around the United States and Canada to test vehicles under all extreme environmental conditions. For unique requirements, we can select and begin operation in a new location within three weeks.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT - Driving millions of miles on public roads annually involves risk of accident. We maintain multi-million USD liability insurance coverage and are experienced in minimizing accidents while maximizing safety. Fewer accidents mean less delay and lower costs for your program.
  • ENVIRONMENT - Providing you with the exact driving environment necessary: urban, freeway, off-road, mountain, desert, cold or hot and humid. In our seasonal facilities, we can provide cold start drivability after an overnight soak at -40°F in Alaska. We can also test fuel system drivability after an extended idle and hot soak at 125°F in Death Valley, CA.

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Heavy Duty (HD) Durability

Expose heavy-duty vehicles to extreme conditions

Heavy-Duty Durability - In addition to our light-duty services, we also offer ballast capabilities for trailers and vehicles. This can range from one setup to a large fleet.

  • BALLAST SERVICES - As ballast-based programs are unique, we support clients with adding ballast to their trailers and vehicles to certified weights. With flexible terms, we are able to rent or provide ballast based on your needs.
  • SCALABILITY AND LOCATION - As with all important testing parameters, we are able to support large fleet testing in any appropriate location. Let us know your fleet size and expected test conditions and you'll be on the fast-track to project completion.
  • CERTIFIED TEAM - Traveling millions of miles requires certified and capable drivers and staff. We can help provide the necessities in your project, such as Class A CDL drivers, large wash stations, and diesel mechanics.

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